Know Someone with Erectile Dysfunction?

Good News! In most cases it can be reversed without taking that little blue pill. But it will take some lifestyle changes on your part.

Studies have shown that impotence is often the first red flag that your arteries are becoming blocked, and artery blockages are commonly caused by the overconsumption of meat, eggs, and dairy products, which are high in cholesterol and saturated fat,” says Dr. Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. “Animal products increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood. This cholesterol enters the blood vessels and creates plaque on the interior walls, which narrows the passageway for blood flow,” Barnard says.

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Do You Want to Battle Cancer the Holistic Way?

In the link below it gives you multiple healing clinics throughout the world that focus on battling chronic diseases including cancer through a holistic approach.  You don’t have to fight caner alone, and Chemo and Radiation are not the only way to combat this. Many people have had much success fighting chronic disease with the assistance of complimentary medicine.

A Vegan Lifestyle Can Save Your Life

Hi and welcome to my site. First things first, I am very passionate about helping people become educated on healthy lifestyle choices and expanding their knowledge on how nutrition and Tradition Chinese Medicine can truly benefit ailments. I think a great place to start on encouraging people to educate themselves is to mention the China Study done by Dr. T. Colin Campbell.

To save you from all the boring details the basics behind the China Study examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Dr. Campbell studies multiple regions throughout china over a 20 yr span. He concludes that people who eat a whole-food, plant-based/vegan diet i.e. avoiding all animal products and reducing their intake of processed foods can avoid, reduce or reverse the development of numerous diseases. The poorest regions who couldn’t afford animal products had nearly no form of these diseases whereas the wealthier regions who consumed animal products on a daily basis had chronic diseases and a higher rate of cancer. If you are one who enjoys reading I highly suggest getting the book The China Study, if your more of a visual person there is  documentary on Netflix called “Forks over Knives” that’s does a fantastic job describing this study.

Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to bringing you a lot more info on these subjects. In the meantime please take some time to check out these sights and educate yourself more on how a diet consisting of whole foods can prevent and even reverse sever diseases.