Why Should Viola Herba Be A Part Of Your First Aid Kit?

Today’s post is short simple and right to the point. If you are a nature lover like me this herb is for you.

Zi Hau Di Ding also known as Chinese Violet or Viola Herba is a very beneficial herb. It has been shown to reduce hot painful swellings and also relieve the toxicity of venomous snake bites. Now before you read anymore into this let me be very clear I still whole-heartedly believe in being treated with anti-venom. I am normally all about the herbs and while this herb is very beneficial in an emergency situation like this I still highly suggest getting treated with an anti-venom as soon as you can.

But if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you or someone you know is bitten by a venomous snake this herb is really good at drawing out the toxins and buys you some very valuable time.

If bitten by a snake Zi Hua Di Ding can be taken orally, just chew it up, drink some water, and swallow; and also applied externally to the bite site (chew up and apply topically).

Viola Herba is also just as good at reducing toxicity in spider bites or skin infections. So if you are out enjoying nature and you come across one of these instances you’ll be good to go because you already have Zi Hua Di Ding in your First Aid Kit 😉 You can usually find this herb online from many different distributors or picked fresh from nature.