Acupuncture and Herbs Can Help You Get Over the Common Cold Fast!

Don’t have time for a cold to consume your life (who does)? Most people know cold symptoms can last up to a week if not treated properly so we usually just mask the symptoms with over the counter supplements and try to ride it out. Unfortunately most people have no idea that there is actually a really effective treatment for the common cold. This is where acupuncture and herbs come into play. With a treatment from an Acupuncturist the cold can usually be treated and released from your body within 1 hr.

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Herbs to ward off the Flu

For my first herb post I figured I would start with one of my favorite herbal formulas right now, Da Qing Ye (Isatidis Folium) aka Isatis Leaf and Ban Lan Gen (Isatidis Radix) aka Isatis stem. This Herb is fantastic at warding off febrile diseases. One of the main febrile diseases we see in America is the Flu(any kind of flu). This plant can be taken internally and is thought to have antibacterial, antiviral, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory actions. These herbs can also be applied externally to combat mumps. A beautiful formula is Ban Lan Gen Chong ji, patients come in with fever and sore throat start taking this tea and usually see quick improvement with their symptoms. It can also be used preventatively. This formula was used in China when they experienced the SARS outbreak and has become a staple in many household medicine cabinets. The formula can use the stem, the leaf, and usually a variety of different plants that accentuate the effects. Please feel free to check out the blog post below on it.

*You can usually find this formula online and easily obtain it. Of course anytime you feel sick I highly encourage you to see a DAOM or Naturopath and get prescribed the proper dosage based on your symptoms and your size. While most herbs are very safe it is highly recommended you see a professional when looking into herbs. Lucky for you getting in to see a DAOM is usually same day and doesn’t require insurance. Most apts are very inexpensive ranging anywhere from $45-$100, and this usually includes an acupuncture treatment and herbs. *