Ear Infections

Every year, millions of parents take their children to the pediatrician for ear infections, and most of them end up going home with antibiotics. In fact, ear infections are one of the most common reasons kids see doctors and the leading reason kids get antibiotics.Instasize_0426114806


We all know the ugly behind over prescribing antibiotics so I wont go into detail there. But did you know that nature has natural Antibacterial plants that work just as good?

I use this brand on my kids and get great results. It immediately soothes their ears and starts working right away at killing the bacteria that has built up.

If you are looking for an over the counter ear oil look for a Garlic Oil with the following herbs in it.

GARLIC: Natural anti bacterial and anti viral, anti inflammatory, and speeds ups recovery time

TEA TREE OIL: Powerful antiseptic

ST JOHN’S WART: Alleviates pain

MULLEIN : Pain reliever, anti microbial, anti inflammatory

CODONOPSIS (this one is hard to find the formulas work well without it, but its an added bonus if you can find it): Helps boost the Qi and also drains downward to take the pressure off the ear.


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