Acupressure for Earache

TW1 ,2, 3 Also known as San Jiao

TW1 ,2, 3
Also known as San Jiao

Did you know that remedies for your child’s most common ailments may be no further than your own two hands? Yes, acupressure can be your go-to remedy for a host of conditions, such as cough, constipation, sleep problems, and earaches. The great thing about acupressure is that once you learn some basic points and techniques you will have an effective and gentle treatment method on hand for whenever your little one gets sick. Acupressure can be used in place of acupuncture to get the same effect. Children are especially easy to treat with acupressure because their energies are still very pure and unburdened by years of toxicity. With children a small amount of acupressure can have a great therapeutic effect.

Recently my daughter was tugging at her ear and complaining of earache, so of course as a student of acupuncture I got out my handy dandy book and started looking up points for earache. So what points do I come across? Good ol useful San Jiao points (also known as Triple Warmer or Triple Heater; all 3 names used interchangeably) San Jiao 1 is on the ring finger at the base of the nail closest to your pinky SJ2 right at the base of the knuckle and SJ3 right over the knuckle hump of your ring finger. There are many other points for earache as well even some near the ear but if any of you have seen a child complaining of ear pain the last thing they want you to do is touch it. I used all three of these acupressure points on my daughter and had immediate relief. Lucky for me she is 6(so she is able to communicate well) and she is used to me being in acupuncture school so she is very honest on which acupressure points work (sometimes a little too honest) Haha. But lucky for her these 3 points worked very well and I will keep them in my back pocket of mommy tricks next time she complains of an earache.

Watch the video below for instructions on how to apply the pressure to help your little one with earaches.


2 thoughts on “Acupressure for Earache

    • Thank you Vagabon Velda 🙂 My whole goal was to be able to put this info that was right at my finger tips out there to educate others 🙂 There are so many wonderful things to eastern medicine. I hope you continue to read I am very humbled to have a follower 🙂


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