Acupuncture and Herbs Can Help You Get Over the Common Cold Fast!

Don’t have time for a cold to consume your life (who does)? Most people know cold symptoms can last up to a week if not treated properly so we usually just mask the symptoms with over the counter supplements and try to ride it out. Unfortunately most people have no idea that there is actually a really effective treatment for the common cold. This is where acupuncture and herbs come into play. With a treatment from an Acupuncturist the cold can usually be treated and released from your body within 1 hr.

Acupuncture can provide immediate relief from cold symptoms and helps the body expel the pathogen very quickly. Needles are typically inserted into points along the meridians which have demonstrated the ability to activate immune functions and suppress pain from the cold and flu. Patients frequently experience quick relief when these points are needled.

Along with Acupuncture your Acupuncturist may recommend an herbal formula. Herbal formulas can destroy both viruses and bacteria, alleviate symptoms, and push the pathogen out of the body while strengthening your immune system.

So next time you feel those classic signs and symptoms that you’re coming down with a bug don’t let it consume your life for a week, make a same day appointment to see an acupuncturist, I guarantee you will not regret it.

For more info on how acupuncture and herbs actually work to release the cold from your body read this.


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