Have High Cholesterol?

Shan Zha

High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure (HBP) is becoming a more common thing throughout Western Society. I’m sure we all know someone in our life that is dealing with this. Unfortunately and truthfully it is not only due to our genetics but more so caused by our diet. If you’re tired of popping a million prescription pills and want an alternative answer please continue reading.

One of the best ways to reduce HBP and Cholesterol is to change your diet, I know I know a lot of people are going to say “but I can’t live without my steak, eggs, and cheese. But honestly there is no magic pill to allow you to continue to live your unhealthy lifestyle and still have low BP and Cholesterol numbers forever. There is however a few herbs that have been proven through Eastern and Western Medicine research to lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Again these herbs are no magic pills, they are just a Band-Aid on the real issue, the standard American Diet, but I’ll fuss about that in another post, for now it’s all about the herbs 😉

Jue Ming Zi (Cassiae Semen) and Shan Zha (Crataegi Fructus aka Hawthorn Fruit) have been proven to lower both HBP and Serum Cholesterol levels and are usually found in a variety of formulas together.

Jue Ming Zi, reduces high cholesterol and atherosclerosis. It has a diuretic effect and lowers blood pressure. Studies have shown that 98 percent of subjects with high cholesterol were within normal range after six weeks of treatment with Jue Ming Zi. Since Jue Ming Zi has a diuretic effect, taking it with diuretic medications may cause excessive water loss and electrolyte imbalance.

Shan Zha, or hawthorn fruit, treats hypertension, coronary artery disorders, angina and high cholesterol. It improves blood circulation and promotes the digestion of red meat and greasy, fatty foods (That’s right it helps break down food stagnations, buffet here I come!). Shan Zha benefits the heart and has a vasodilation effect. Since this herb increases gastric acid secretion, it is not suitable if you have stomach ulcers. Hawthorn has similar effects as the Western medication digoxin. Your doctor and Chinese herbalist should closely monitor you if you take hawthorn and digoxin together.

As with any of my post I highly suggest you see a DAOM or Naturopath before starting any formula on your own. This way you can be closely monitored for increase or decrease in grams or if they need to add/subtract certain herbs from your specific formula.

If you want to read more on Herbs that lower HBP and Cholesterol check out what livestrong has to say in their post.



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