Dealing with Anxiety?

There are so many SUPER BENEFICIAL HERBS out there that I think I‘m going to start an “Herb of the Week”.  This is one of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog. So many people think that they have to deal with their issues in silence or if they do speak up they will have to take a prescription with horrific side effects. This isn’t always necessary, a lot of issues we deal with can be handled with beautiful herbs that Mother Nature blessed us with.

This week I want to talk about Lian Xin (Nelumbinis Plumala). This herb is such a simple yet very useful herb. It is very good for anxiety. Now when I mention anxiety I’m not just talking about a diagnosed disorder, this anxiety can be the normal anxiety that everyone gets; anxiety before a test, anxiety before a public speech, anxiety before the in-laws show up (haha). We all experience these bouts of anxiety from time to time and they can start to affect us emotionally (insomnia, mental confusion, etc) this herb is perfect for those overly stressful moments. You can take it singly, steep it like tea 1.5-3g (approx. 1tsp) and relieve your stress.

When we have bouts of anxiety like this Eastern Medicine calls it Shen problems (Shen aka Spirit). These problems usually include insomnia, irritability, anxiety, and even urinary and skin conditions (think about what holding all that stress in does to your body).  The good news is you’re not alone. Whether you choose to see a Western Doctor or Eastern Doctor there is help out there. But I encourage you to open your mind to Eastern Medical Care (Tradition Chinese Medicine). The herbs and acupuncture points can usually be applied with no side effects are known to be very safe, and have been studied for thousands of years vs western medicine just becoming relatively new over the past few centuries.


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